An Arabica Coffee Infograph

Coffee is a popular worldwide drink prepared from selected coffee beans, usually from the Barberry species, roasted green coffee beans to bright red ones, indicating ripened coffee grains. Green coffee beans are always better than Arabica beans in quality and taste, but it depends on the process of roasting and fermentation. Arabica beans are normally fermented at lower temperatures for a longer time. The best quality Arabica coffee is noted to be darker and more robust, but most of the world’s coffee drinkers prefer the lighter, fresh taste of the Barberry species. To achieve this taste, some of the best coffee producers of the world use long roasted and finely ground Arabica beans. Click here for more information about coffee at night

Today, many varieties of coffee with different and interesting flavors are introduced in the market, especially because of the demands of coffee lovers. Some people taste their coffee after drinking it slowly in large cups while others like to enjoy their coffee quickly as they wake up in the morning. Either way, coffee has become part of most people’s lives and no matter where they are, they will be able to find coffee to their liking.

Many love drinking a cup of hot coffee, but not all of them can identify what kind of coffee they like best. A familiar kind that everyone knows is espresso, but did you know that there are other kinds of coffee? Most people think that just adding hot water and putting in a grind of coffee powder and making a great espresso is the only way to go. But there is so much more to coffee making that doesn’t start with a shot of espresso.

In fact, the history of coffee production goes back thousands of years to the early Egyptian civilization. An intriguing trend discovered by historians is the way that Egyptians used coffee grains as food for animals, much like how early civilizations like those of the Aztecs used corn and seeds as food for animals. If that isn’t fascinating enough, an Egyptian coffee infographic on a famous website really takes you down that road by showing the different ways that coffee has been consumed over time.

The most popular kind of coffee in the Arab world is Arabica. It comes from the coffee tree Arabica, which is native to mostly Spain, Morocco, Tunisia, and Yemen. As the name implies, Arabica is largely grown in Arabia, although Latin America and Europe are also known for growing it as well. One interesting thing about Arabica is that it contains less caffeine than most caffeinated varieties, so it is a very viable option for those who are looking to switch over to a healthier kind of beverage. The Arabica bean is also rich in antioxidants, so drinking Arabica can also help fight off certain diseases.

While an interesting trend, an Arabica coffee infographic also gives an idea of how much caffeine a person would need to drink to reach a certain amount of caffeine consumption for an hour. An American coffee cup of normal strength (about 2 ounces) contains about 100 mg of caffeine, so one should definitely take note of that when considering how much coffee to drink. One thing about coffee is that the amount of caffeine in a cup varies, depending on how it’s being brewed and whether or not it is served hot or cold. Cold coffee is half water, while hot beverages are almost entirely caffeine.

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