Best Wireless Network Data Analyzer With Dual Functionalities of WAN Optimizer and packet capture

Network Data Analyzer with Network Data Analytics (v.3.0) – 1 user

The Nautilus IP Wireless Fast Wireless Site Survey System (NWAS) comes with a portable, double-sided Network Data Analyzer that can be used in the field. It uses the WDT or Wireless Device Tracking Technology to locate wireless access points (APs), determine bandwidth usage, and record or log any unusual activity on the network. It records all the data it finds including: SSIDs, leased ports, and wireless channels; all this is recorded in an easily readable, tabular format for later analysis. The Network Data Analyzer will then display a summary of all the findings, which are useful in planning future enhancements and campaigns. The Wireless Fast Wireless Site Survey System also has a powerful Network Analysis Software that performs advanced analysis of wireless networks.

The Nautilus IP Fast Wireless Site Survey System comes with a dual functionality, network data analyzer and wireless imaging tool. These two tools allow for detailed wireless network monitoring with first portable and dual functionality. First, it allows for passive network data analytics which reports wireless device location, status, and capabilities. Dual functionality Network Data Analyzer on the other hand, enables network monitoring with active scan and report of the wireless network and device status. This is orlando for improve your data analytic ideas.

With the help of this Network Data Analyzer, you can monitor every port and interface in your network for the most up to date information and accurate results. It also has a user friendly interface that makes configuration and settings a breeze. The Network Monitor displays the following information: Ethernet port interface name, leased lines present, interface metric, source address, destination address, current state, power interface, power metric, speed metric, connected service name, test name, number of connected services, used port, total used port, and percentage used.

This Ethernet analyzer also provides an optional decode module powered by the award-winning RTU Designer that allows the user to configure the Loss Protection System (LPS) and enable or disable the firewall, internet access, and ports. Besides that, this Ethernet analyzer also gives you the ability to create an alert with customizable text message alerts. In addition, it also provides an in-depth packet capture with support for MSS types, SCL type, and PSTN type. The packet capture can be reviewed and logged at real time using the Real-Time Trend Information Database. It also provides a centralized control for the deployment of the Loss Prevention Policies (LPops), Traffic priority rules, and policy-based alert.

The Anritsu WAN Optimizer is one of the latest and the most popular network monitoring tools available in the market today. It is the perfect tool for all types of company organizations that rely heavily on wireless network data analysis. It has been developed after extensive research and has been loaded with the most up-to-date features for network traffic filtering, monitoring, and management. Apart from that, it has a very easy-to-use interface that does not require complex installation process and configuration.

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