Dry Ice Blasting For Gentle Cleaning With White Lion

Coldsweep believes in implementing industry-changing technology in useful ways. Transform the appearance and reliability of your facilities with the help of our high-tech surface preparation services. Of our professionals can show you how to elevate your cleaning process to include dry ice blasting at your work site to improve efficiency, costs, and safety. Dry ice small business blog is similar to sandblasting, but without the harsh abrasiveness. The process uses small, rice-sized dry ice pellets that are moisture-free, non-conductive, non-corrosive, and non-flammable.

Dry ice cleaning produces no secondary waste, no chemicals, and no grit that impacts the environment or your equipment. Unlike grit media which can accumulate and destroy sensitive parts, dry ice evaporates into gas upon impact, so it will not affect windings, gears, and bearings on industrial machinery. Manufacturer trained technicians on staff to service and repair all major brands of dry ice blasting machines and after cooler dryers. Adapt Laser specializes in the know-how and application of laser cleaning solutions.

Dry ice blasting equipment consists of a pelletizer, the actual dry ice blasting machine and a powerful compressor. When selecting its dealers and representatives, White Lion makes sure that a ready-to-use complete solution can always be offered. White Lion offers first-class Made-In-Germany quality for universal applications. The dry ice blasting systems by White Lion are suitable for home use and industrial use. Thanks to the high-strength cases made of rust-free metal, the White Lion machines are also suitable in environments with aggressive media. Coldsweep has been providing industry-changing technologies like dry ice blasting and induction stripping to some of the most respected names in business since 2001.

Even persistent substances such as greases, oils, glues, food residues or paint can be removed. The CoolMaster can be used for far more applications as one might initially think of. The dry ice blasting system can be easily adjusted to clean some of the most difficult materials and surfaces without causing any damage. Cold Jet is the pioneer and global leader in dry ice blasting technology, holding the original patent for modern dry ice blasting equipment. Learn more about our dry ice blasting equipment and the ROI it can provide here. The first dry-ice blasting machine to be commercialized was a single-hose system.

Soda blasting is designed specificallyfor one-time useand cannot be recycled. Once the particles are blasted at the surface, they break off into much smaller particles, essentially becoming dust. Dry ice blasting has many benefits over traditional blasting media. In 1959, Unilever filed a patent for using dry-ice blasting (or water-ice blasting, or some combination of the two) as a method of removing meat from bone.

It requires specific temperatures and pressures in order for sublimation to occur. Whether you fancy yourself a potential dry-ice cleaning DIYer or are just in the market for the service, it’s important to know the terminology. Alpheus was able to leverage Lockheed’s patent for commercial use. Today, companies such as Cold Jet, which acquired Alpheus, sell commercial-grade equipment that can be used in automotive restoration.

Dry ice is a superior alternative to sand, bead, water, chemical, hand cleaning, and scraping because it cleans more effectively, does not use water, and there’s no mess to clean up afterwards. We will conduct an onsite assessment to determine the right cleaning method and process for your facility. Featuring a lightweight aluminum construction with a pistol grip handle and push-button safety. Safety start-up feature prevents accidental blasting gun activation. Now that you are aware of the pros and cons of each surface blaster, you should be able to pick which one is best for your project. You can also contact professionals toprovide the blasting for you.

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