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Bounce the basketball and run down the court in all the top games in this competitive category with online basketball games. Play against the computer or compete with your friend in the all-time classic mode. Learn how to do a 3-point Shootout and win each game. Play free online basketball games online and get a taste of this most popular sport in the US. If you are new to basketball, this is the right place to start.

Choose from hundreds of games including pickup basketball, airball, indoor basketball, playground basketball and many more. You can play online basketball games by selecting one of many styles of hoops including single block, three-point lineup, inside/out and virtual pick-up games. There are even virtual free throw systems. Get the sport buzz with real NBA players and watch highlights from past events. Click here for more information about pg

Virtual basketball games are exciting, entertaining, challenging and tons of fun. There are many different types of hoops including virtual basketball courts, training pitches, park hoops, ring toss, basketball goals and virtual batting cages. Plus, you have the virtual basketball team featuring your favorite NBA players. Play against friends or opponents around the world who love the game just as much as you do.

There are several things you will be able to accomplish when playing online basketball games. You can score hoops on your own, challenge friends or compete against other live users or computer-simulated teams. Take turns sending invitations to other users or competing against them. Set up your own team and see how you fair against others in the rankings. Have fun playing the best online basketball games and improving your skills using the virtual hoops.

If you love the idea of dunking but would rather not dunk, you can try one of the virtual free online basketball games that allow you to shoot three-pointers instead. There are also virtual dunks you can set up in which you dunk the ball like a really great big guy dunking the ball over two defenders and making the basket. You have the option of selecting the type of dunks you want to play with the virtual hoop. This gives you the ability to have exactly the kind of dunks you see in NCAA Division I bowl games and other major sports tournaments.

Other types of dunks include reverse dunks, layups, hooks, and flying dunks. The virtual hoop gives you the ability to hoop like a professional in real time. You can set up goals for virtual teams, challenge friends, or play against opponents around the world. So stop wasting time watching television, pack your bags and join the fun with online basketball games online.

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