Incorporate Outdoor Lighting Into Your Garden and Home

Valley outdoor lighting brings a refreshing change to the way your home looks. The unique and interesting “snow-peaked” look gives you a warm feeling, as well as a decorative accent to compliment the landscaping. This design was originally developed in Chile during the 1950’s, and has only gotten more popular over the past few years. These days, you’ll find that most of the larger companies in the lighting industry will have a section devoted to landscape lighting design. It’s a great idea to get ideas from these experts and bring your home to the next level. Click here for more information about Paradise Valley landscape lighting.

When you hire a landscaper to help with your outdoor lighting design, one of the first things they will do is create a basic landscape plan, or landscape map. This plan will show you exactly where everything will go, and how each area of your property should be lit. The map can serve as a starting point for your construction proposal, helping you to visualize the end result of all of your hard work.

While the landscape plan is a great tool to use, it’s not the be all and end all. Your project would not be successful if you don’t take other factors into consideration before turning your vision into a reality. One of those factors is lighting. The right type of lighting can truly bring out the unique features and personality of your outdoor space, creating an inviting atmosphere that is conducive to relaxation and enjoyment.

A low voltage lighting system is perfect for adding a unique feature such as a spiral staircase or a grouping of terraces. The spiral staircase is illuminated by low voltage lighting, creating a realistic effect that is sure to please any visitor to your home. And with terraces, a spiral staircase can provide a focal point for a secluded courtyard. Using a low voltage landscape lighting system on your landscape design lighting helps to add another dimension that sets your project apart from other homes on the block. Adding a feature such as a spiral staircase, or a series of small terraces, may also allow you to use the space to its fullest extent.

A unique feature can also be added to an existing landscape feature by using low voltage lighting. One popular idea is to replace the lighting from a plant stand or trellis with low voltage lighting, and then position it in a unique area of your landscape design. Using this method of lighting helps to enhance the beauty of your landscape features and will create an entirely different feel from that of regular landscape lighting. In addition to being able to improve the look of your landscape feature, the low voltage lighting also provides an inexpensive way to add a feature without having to replace or repair any existing features. And with a variety of low voltage lighting systems available today, it’s possible to find the perfect option to fit any style or architectural design.

Landscape lighting also offers many benefits beyond accentuating your landscape and garden. Low voltage outdoor lighting can provide motion detection and photocell sensors, which will automatically turn on lights when they detect movement or in the case of photocell sensors turn them on for any given period. These devices are often used in areas where regular low voltage lighting systems wouldn’t be feasible, such as near water or at night. However, they can also be a great choice for landscaping features, where they could be combined with security lighting or other features.

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