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Manicure Tables have a long history in the beauty industry. They have evolved from being simply a piece of furniture that a manicurist sits at to a multi-purpose, decorative piece of furniture and a storage unit all in one. Manicure Tables are usually made of wood or steel with beautiful, hand-carved tops. The latest trends in manicure tables include storage capabilities for nail files and different nail colors and pastel designs. Manicure Tables also give a face lift to a salon that often consists of acrylic block walls.

As a nail technician, I love to see Manicure Tables used in salons everywhere. When a woman comes into my office for a manicure and she carries a Manicure Table with her, it makes me feel like she is someone important. In the past, the manicure station was just a large, unattractive cabinet that sat in the back of the salon. This cabinet often had little storage space and it was easy for the manicurist to forget what she was working on. Today’s Manicure Tables are very different. They have storage cabinets under the table and they look great.

When choosing a manicure table for your business, you want to consider how much storage space you will need. If you are just starting out and only do small procedures then you don’t need a huge, heavy piece of furniture. For clients that do a lot of styling and require more storage space you will want to consider a larger Manicure Table. Make sure you choose one that has the right dimensions. A Manicure Table too large for your client will make it hard for her to utilize the styling tools which could negatively affect her manicure.

Manicure Tables can also be a great addition to an existing salon. Manicure Tables allow you to offer styling services alongside your other beauty services. With one manicure table and a few adjustable chairs your business can expand by offering styling along with manicures. You can increase your income by making styling and manicures available at the same time. Another way that Manicure Tables can benefit your salon is if you buy them used. Let us know more information about nail desk.

There are many different Manicure Table options, including stationary, adjustable tables, and portable manicure tables. Stationary tables are the most common Manicure Tables available. Stationary tables have the most flexible dimensions because they come in a large variety of sizes and dimensions. The most flexible are the ones that feature removable drawers. These types of Manicure Tables generally have the most storage space and they are great for making styling and application easy.

Adjustable tables are the next most popular Manicure Table type. They can have additional storage space underneath as well as over the top of the tabletop. These types of tables are the perfect size for most salon type businesses. Portable manicure tables are the absolute smallest of the various Manicure Tables available. This type of Manicure Table usually does not have drawers and is only used as a tabletop.

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