Requests For The Best FPS Macros

So I was looking for a new macro that will make shoot fast at least with one click on right button and switch from single shot to multiple shot in a few seconds. And for FPS games that’s a real advantage. So I found this page and started looking for a good macro and I saw that there are hundreds of them. And they all have some sort of basic concept, some with multiple shots while some have just one. So I tried some of them and I decided to write down some things that I learned, just to help other players out.

Re: Request: I’m Gaming Auto Clicker pistol for FPS games. So I was looking for a single macro that would make shoot fast, without any complicated setup (just one right click for single shot), with only 1 command per frame and switch between multiple shots and one single shot with hotkey (e). Take some of the old thread (old threads) that mentioned this and tweak something similar.

Re: Request: Gamifying the macros. I was looking for a single macro that makes multiple shots at once, change through different types of ammunition (shotgun, pistol, rifle) using the same macro, and also switch from one shot to another with the same macro. So I thought it would be great if the macros had their own separate hotkeys and did not share any of the other keybinds.

Re: Requests: There are tons of requests for the best FPS macro and it seems that they are asking the same question: which is better, macros that have multiple shots, or a single-shot-macro? It’s not really that much difference actually, because the most important thing to do is having a single macro and you’ll be fine. For example, in WoW, if you have multiple ammo with your gun, you just switch between them and you’re good to go.

Re: Requests: Requests for the best FPS macro are always welcome, but I have no idea if there is enough demand for such. I think it depends on how big the game community is, but I’m pretty sure that there’s many of them who would be willing to create a decent looking, efficient and powerful macro for any game.

Re: Requests for the best FPS macro is always welcome, but I’ve been using a single-shot macro for a long time and I’m fine with it, as it makes me feel less frustrated and less like my character will get killed because he/she doesn’t hit anything. However, I don’t know if other people are fine with the idea of having a macro without changing shot type.

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