Spring’s Best, Grove Square Galleries

Established in 1998, Grove Square Galleries strives to produce the best in independent, contemporary art in the UK. As one of London’s most reputable and experienced Galleria, Grove offers its patrons an opportunity to see the art work that has been specifically created for this prestigious gallery. The Galleria is committed to putting forward quality independent work that showcases the talent and skills of talented British artists. The gallery is located in Fitzrovia, London, a bustling and lively part of London’s arts scene that offers a wealth of shopping, eating and nightlife opportunities. It is situated within a short walking distance from Trafalgar Square and is only a stones throw away from Oxford Street.

Taking place every month, the Gallery features solo exhibitions by some of the best artists from around the world. In association with the major art fairs and events of the world, Grove Square Galleries regularly presents exciting solo exhibitions that are designed to attract major art enthusiasts. Located within the buzzing hub of Fitzrovia, these solo exhibits run concurrently with a featured artist-led programme at the Gallery, which showcases the very best in contemporary artwork from across the globe. Each month the Gallery features an exciting solo exhibition from a different renowned artist. These solo exhibitions showcase work by young British artists as well as renowned international artists.

One of the featured solo exhibitions in the Gallery’s January calendar is written by Thomas Sayers. The artist, known for his installation art pieces, such as Sleeping Beauty (2021), received the presto award at the London Pavilion Festival for his piece ‘The Best Laid Plans’. In tandem with this major solo exhibition, Grove Square Galleries will feature an important solo exhibition by renowned Scottish artist, David Grisaffi. The exhibition is titled, Space. David Grisaffi will be travelling across the world to promote his solo exhibition Space. You can get more information about Grove Square Galleries.

For those interested in modern art, the January Gallery series, curated by Peter Johnson, will feature renowned British artist, choreographer, and musician alike. Ms Johnson curates the solo exhibition, titled The Power Pause. It features works from past and present, as well as new work by Ms. Johnson. This exciting programme at Grove Square Galleries will also feature works from choreographers including John Butler, who will be travelling across the world to promote his solo exhibition entitled Nocturnal Reflections.

Other featured acts at the Grove Square Galleries in London include the band Big Brass Fours. Formed in 1998, the band has achieved much popularity, playing in concert and creating DVD documentaries. In addition to performing, they have also contributed to many documentaries and spoken extensively on numerous television programs. Another major Contemporary artist, Mark Langan, will be showcasing his solo exhibition, Nocturnal Reflections, at the Gallery during February. A resident of Los Angeles, Mark Langan first gained international notoriety when he was selected as a presenter of the Oprah Winfrey show. Now based in London, Mark Langan is well known for his paintings, which are often described as “beautiful chaos”.

Mark Langan’s work will feature in the highly acclaimed television series, The National Geographic Channel’s reality series, Kingdom. Aids for collectors and enthusiasts of contemporary art will find that the Gallery will be hosting a number of events surrounding Nocturnal Reflections, including a preview of Nocturnal, a feature length documentary film by photographer, Mark Langan, produced by award winning director Danforth Films. Other featured artists include British artist Vince Crowley and Spain’s own Paul G Johnson. The new gallery will continue to feature promising young British and Spanish artists, as well as European and American artists, throughout the rest of the year.

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