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At its core, a blockchain is a database or ledger that stores information by sharing them along with a network of computers. Once a piece of information is added to a blockchain, it cannot be altered or removed, which makes the network highly secure. Additionally, the database is available for all computers that are connected, making sure that there is no central control of information. He predicted that the rise of NFTs and blockchain games on ImmutableX would see the distribution shifting in Q2 of 2022.

And unlike other big-name players, Axie also encourages players to cash out. The game has been a particular hit in some countries, particularly in the Philippines, where players have gone from making it a side hustle to a full-time occupation. A blockchain game is a video game that includes elements that use cryptogames-based blockchain technologies. A subset of these games is also known as play-to-earn games because they include systems that allow players to earn cryptocurrency through gameplay.

DappRadar reported that 1.22 million unique wallet addresses were made for blockchain games in March. While Splinterlands was named the number one play-to-earn gaming dApp, Polygon became the layer-2 protocol with the best P2E games. This trade-and-battle play-to-earn game is based on “Axis” — Ethereum-minted NFTs that players can collect, breed, raise, battle against, and trade with other online users.

However, during my research, I managed to find some P2E gems that distribute cryptocurrency rewards daily while requiring zero upfront investment. Players earn Fighting Points ($FP) by winning battles against other players, which can be used to purchase items from the marketplace or enter tournaments. However, Battle of Guardians also uses a token called $BGS, used for governance, staking, and upgrading characters through ‘synthesis’. Battle of Guardians is an exciting P2E game hosted on the Solana blockchain. The game has been developed in Unreal Engine, providing a rich user experience where players can choose characters and battle other players in real-time.

By owning a sandbox plot of virtual land, you can monetize the experiences you create within the metaverse, which can be an interesting activity for artists or small developers who aren’t at ease with other game engines. All Sandbox features can be purchased and sold using the SAND token, and ultimately players contribute toward constantly expanding this metaverse. More than just buying and selling virtual land, players can also trade NFTs that can be used to customize their avatar’s appearance.

As cryptos continue to be a global phenomenon, industries all around the world are looking for more ways to incorporate this frankly revolutionary technology into their core products and services. Online gaming, in particular, has become a breeding ground for exciting innovation in this space. Developers are inventing new methods to leverage cryptos to purchase and trade in-game products, cosmetics, unlock characters, and much more.

They eventually developed a sidechain named Ronin to avoid high gas fees on the Ethereum Blockchain. Ronin enabled users on the chain to exchange and sell in-game assets for no fees. This helps facilitate the circulation of value inside the marketplace. The Sandbox is an interconnected world of unique game experiences. With land plots of varying sizes, each land owner can build their creations using a visual game builder.

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