Different Types of Advertisement

Advertising is essentially a public communication that uses an officially sponsored, non-family message to advertise or promote a product, service or concept. Advertisers of advertisement are usually businesses wishing to market their goods or services through advertising. The primary objective of the advertiser is to raise awareness of the products and services being sold or made by the business. Advertisers make an investment in time and money to place their advertisements on different media such as magazines, television, the internet, radio, etc. These different mediums to help increase exposure and brand recognition to potential customers.

In today’s highly competitive market place, the advertisement form is constantly evolving to survive in the cut-throat competition. Advertising techniques are being changed and new ones developed each day. Advertising agencies around the world to cater to the needs of both the advertiser and the target audience, ensuring that the final content and message of the advertisement are unique and appealing to the targeted market. A wide range of advertising techniques are now used such as print, online, cinema, booklets, films, billboards, directories, logos, posters, television commercials, public relations, radio advertising, and interactive advertising. These various forms of advertisement are designed to meet the varying requirements of both the advertiser and the target audience.

Print Advertising: Print advertising occurs when the advertisers prints their advertisements directly on the surface of a commodity. This type of advertisement includes banners, booklets, magazines, flyers, billboard ads, magazine covers and website content. These printed materials are usually designed to last for quite some time. A well-made print advertisement will not only catch the attention of the target market, but also give a good impression to other people who are nearby.

Online Advertising: The latest trend in advertising is online advertising. It is a cheaper option than any other medium. It enables the advertiser to reach out to a larger section of the audience by publishing his ads over the Internet. Banners are the most common form of online advertising. Since banners and bookmarks have been in existence for a long time now, their recognition and usage continue to grow continuously. These auctions, via sites such as New Zealand personal ads are also available online.

Cinema Advertising: Movie theatres or movie houses typically play the advertisements of popular movies that are shown before showing them to the public. The advertisements help in selling the tickets easily. The ticket sales enable the cinema owner to cover the cost involved in exhibiting the movie regularly. There are two ways to reach the potential customers either through the direct approach or via the help of a third party.

TV Advertising: TV advertisements are generally shown on prime time slot during which people get the chance to see what the product or service that is being promoted looks like. TV advertisements can be of different types. They can be in the form of commercials or entertainment programs. TV advertising has been a very successful method for all the big businesses to reach out to the mass audience and earn millions of dollars each year.

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