Lifespan of a Turtle

How long does a turtle live are known to be the most commonly kept pet in the world. They are very entertaining to watch and can provide you years of enjoyment. Turtles are the largest invertebrate reptiles. The average lifespan of a male is around eight years, but this can change depending on many factors such as the species, living conditions, and individual condition. There are many things you can learn about the lifespan of a turtle. Some of them may surprise you.

How long does a turtle live: According to scientists, adult sea turtles can live for up to a century or more, and possibly longer. Turtles as pets must be given the right diet and adequate space to grow and prosper. On the other hand, they are not known to live longer than a century in captivity. Larger species of the species have been known to live for over a hundred years. They live in coral reefs, in areas that are covered in coral, along shores, and even in Laguna Beach, California.

Gender matters: The lifespan of sea turtles can be greatly increased if the breeder has chosen a suitable mate for the parents. Male sea turtles generally live longer than females, usually by a minimum of three decades. In fact, some experts suggest that the lifespan of a turtle may be increased by as much as five years if the breeder provides the right environment and nesting material for the parents. Also, the age of the parents can affect the age of the hatchlings. When this happens, it is advisable to buy eggs from local breeders or specialty stores to help ensure a longer lifespan for the youngsters.

What foods do turtles live on: Unlike birds, who eat fruits and seeds to gain energy, sea turtles feed primarily on invertebrates, and marine vegetation. Sea Turtles generally lives on the ocean floor, in areas that are relatively dry. On land, they feed on vegetation found on trees, sludge, and rocks. As with all creatures in which they breed, sea turtles also consume food items that are fatty and rich in cholesterol. So, although humans can survive on a diet consisting mainly of fruits and vegetables, turtle pets should also be fed a good quality protein-rich diet in order to help increase the lifespan.

Where do turtles sleep: All reptiles sleep, but the sea turtles are the only ones that display this behavior. Sea Turtles generally sleeps in burrows that are dug into the sand, however it should be emphasized that they should not dig too deeply as their necks may get entangled while sleeping. If you intend to buy a Sea Turtle, be sure to learn where the animal sleeps. Also, a Sea Turtle can only breathe underwater, so purchasing a turtle aquarium may be a waste of money. Their habitat should also be protected against the elements in order for them to thrive.

How much does a Sea Turtle grow? A Sea Turtle’s lifespan is based on many factors, including the species of the turtle, its size, weight, and the diet that it feeds on. Also, the size, weight, and activity level of the Sea Turtles may also determine the lifespan. In general, Sea Turtles lives for approximately ten years.

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