Motorcycle Safety Myths

If you are about to buy a motorcycle or already own one, you should really learn about motorcycle safety. Motorcycle riding is a great experience, one that can provide you with years of good memories and a great sense of freedom. However, there can be some dangers to riding motorcycles, some that you can’t avoid completely, while others you can simply prepare for and protect yourself against. This article will give you the low-down on motorcycle safety, as well as tips for keeping yourself and your motorcycle safe.

Motorcycle safety is the study of these potential dangers and risks of riding, concentrating primarily on motorbike design, traffic laws, road layout and general safety practices, all focusing on proper rider training, motorcycle training and preventive measures, and finally, the general attitudes and cultural beliefs of other drivers and riders on the road. For example, there are many areas that riders fail to look out for, such as clearways where vehicles can pass through as if they were part of scenery, shoulders, or trees where riders can easily collide with other vehicles. Motorcycle accidents can be very serious, resulting in death, injuries, paralysis or loss of mobility, while also causing severe financial damage and emotional anguish. And the key to preventing such tragedy from happening is awareness among motorcycle riders of road and highway safety. Click here for more information about Motorbike Guide

There have been many studies done about motorcycle safety in recent years, including many done by injury attorneys who focus on motorcyclist injuries. One thing they have discovered is that most bikers injured in bike accidents aren’t actually wearing properly protected clothing. Wearing a leather jacket can save your life! Wearing reflective gear can also save you from being hit by other motorists. But the real problem isn’t just about clothing; another area that injury attorneys have found troubling regarding motorcycle safety is that most bikers don’t wear seat belts. This not only puts you at greater risk for being seriously injured, but it’s also illegal in most states.

Motorcycle riders have another myth that often prevents them from staying out of trouble and crashes: the “biker myth.” According to this myth, bikers ride faster than cars, which means they won’t slow down when the road changes. Bikers think that because they’re not driving cars, they can “keep up” and won’t have to “fool around” when the road changes. It’s true that motorcyclists are moving much slower than car drivers, but what they CAN and MUST do is avoid crashing. All motorcyclists can easily learn how to do just that by reading the upcoming chapters of “The Motorcyclist Protection Rulebook.”

The chapters of this new motorcycle safety book will detail all the different myths bikers have about motorcycle safety, and how those myths can cause them to avoid accidents altogether. Bikers may believe that they can “read” the traffic signs better than drivers, or that they can see other motorcycle riders in the road because of their unique features (the long hair, the spiky hair, the leather jackets). But nothing could be further from the truth. According to the new rider’s guide, all the traffic signals are the same in every state and even the traffic signs vary slightly from one state to another.

Another of the motorcycle safety myths is that the best time to ride is while others are nowhere to be seen. Motorcyclists don’t want to share the road with traffic, so they crash, regardless of whether they can see anyone. According to this myth, motorcyclists should never ride alone, or at the side of another rider. If there’s nobody around, a biker can “watch” the traffic and wait for the best time to strike. But again, if there’s somebody to be watched, the motorcyclist should be in front or beside him, not in the blind spot.

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