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The office responded quickly and I was set up the very next day for service. If you suspect that you have a pest or termite infestation, please give us a call today to receive a consultation. Our professionals will also remind you that it’s not a good idea to swat at bees and wasps. Due to the possibility of a bee or wasp sting, you’ll want to eradicate these pests as soon as possible to protect your family from pain. Many homeowners with a cockroach problem use sprays and traps to get rid of them. These common DIY options are not effective, long-term solutions.

Your Magic Anthem Termite control professional will let you know the specific procedure for your specific home. Titan Pest Control is here to solve your pest control problems. We can remove and prevent infestations in any residential or commercial structure. We are veteran owned and proud to run on honesty and integrity.

Before termite treatment solutions are approved for professional use, they are put through a stringent series of tests and research to determine their environmental costs. With this said, we will always take all precautions to keep you, your kids and your pets safe. If you live in a high infestation area, preventative termite treatment might be an important consideration even if our inspection yields no termites.

Each home will have different pest control needs, but here are some of the most commonly found pests in Phoenix. Blue Sky has grown to a team of 65 service technicians since its founding in 2003, and each technician is trained and familiar with the Phoenix climate. Blue Sky offers budget-friendly monthly payments, and payment plans can be customized to accommodate your needs.

Saline Pest Management Inc, started in 2009, provides pest services to residents in and around Queen Creek. They provide mosquito extermination, cockroach control and wildlife control. They have many satisfied past customers, who describe Saline Pest Management Inc as punctual and polite. Residents of Queen Creek have enjoyed ant control extermination service from Citrus Pest Control Llc since 2006. The company is punctual and consistent and routinely deals with mosquitoes, bees, silverfish, rats and more. Additionally they offer ant control, rodent extermination, tick/mite extermination, and eco/green cleaning.

After finding a few scorpions at our new home, Jim came out to perform an inspection and treat our home. By reducing clutter around the home, preventing moist soil, and airing out damp attics and basements, you’ll greatly reduce your chances of attracting termites. Subterranean Termiteslike to dwell in the earth and will migrate to a wood source near the ground or foundation of your home. Arizona monsoon season is a popular time for Subterranean Termites, however, swarms will also occur in elevations under 4,000 feet between the months of January and March. Are you fed up with the never ending crawling German cockroach in your house? Here are 6 tips you can implement to control and eventually get rid of them.

A top provider such as Terminix will charge around $550 on average, but we recommend getting a free quote yourself. Aptive provides seasonal service, meaning your home will be protected year-round. If pests return after your service is complete, Aptive will come correct the problem, free of charge. As you may notice, a common theme with rodent activity is gnawing.

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