What Is Link Authority? A New Link Building Method?

Linking and link authority is a must when you want to be recognized by search engines as an authority site. Search engines will pick this up as an indication that your website is credible and relevant. If other websites link back to yours then you have a certain amount of link authority built up.

What is link value? It is simply the accumulation of other sites’ link authority. All those other websites have some level of link value associated with them. It is purely an expression of trust when they link back to your own website, this is an indication that your website has some good value or trust worth of sharing on a certain topic. Theseauctions, via sites such as  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RYTmCOm6_j4 are also available online.

The metrics of this important aspect of online marketing are known as the Ahrefs rating system. The Ahrefs system is a collaboration of two major internet marketing technologies, Google Analytics and Open Site Explorer. This system is used by most major publishers to determine their ranking position. There are two main aspects of this system, the performance and the value of backlinks. Google Analytics is responsible for gathering the information relating to these two aspects.

In the first aspect Google Analytics collects information relating to the number of inbound links for each page. At the page level the page rank, domain level linking and internal pages linked to the domain are also counted. For instance, if a web page has one link back to it from a domain that is a high authority then that page will be higher ranked than one that has one or no backlinks from domains with low authority. This is also true for the top page, the two areas combined can give a higher ranking result. The number of backlinks to a page is also taken into account, the more backlinks there are then the more authority there is to the link.

In the second aspect Google Analytics measures the quality of backlinks and the link popularity. The system looks at the links pointing to a page and the domain authority of each of these links. The idea behind this metric is to determine if there is a consistent presence of high-quality, authoritative websites that have links coming from only those sites with high-quality backlinks. Once this is determined, this is a good indication that the anchor text used is relevant to the topic and content of the website being linked to. The value element is built off of this metric, a higher value means a higher quality link.

There are several other aspects that are also tracked by Google Analytics, but the two main are the backlinks analysis and the domain rank analysis. There are several factors that can affect the domain rank such as the number of inbound links, the number of sites that link to the domain and the link popularity. These two factors are very important when determining your SEO success and it is important to get them right. As far as backlinks, a high number of them will give you a good measure of the popularity and authority of the site that is linking back to you. If the anchor text used for the link is relevant and keyword rich the chances are the link will be approved by Google and the site that linked back to you will also get a good ranking in the SERPs. So to sum up, high-quality backlinks, relevant anchor text, high domain rank and a high number of inbound links are all keys to successful link building.

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