official poster cover for doing time for patsy clineThe country music legend Patsy Cline never made the trip abroad to Australia to perform as she was killed in a plane crash in 1963. So, for many who were far from the Nashville scene, they had to make their way over by any means. That is the basis of the Australian produced Patsy Cline, as a young man leaves his rural farm with a ticket across the Pacific to Nashville along with his guitar. There, the movie goes dark and splits in two like an episode of Black Mirror: one leads to hell, the other leads to glory. You can watch the Movie completely free and without registration on Movies123.

Australia’s ode to American country music surrounds itself with the naive teenager Ralph who is heading to Sydney to board his plane for fame. Instead, he befriends a man and his girlfriend, also named Patsy, and it’s a pairing that leads to its parallel lives style. You can argue that it tries to be Easy Rider with the magical realism of seeing Patsy perform like the singer and a partial subplot right from A Star Is Born. It jumps time and setting, establishing the Australian Outback very much like the American south, which may throw off viewers on what they are seeing.

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With good reviews and multiple awards from Australia’s major film awards, Doing Time For Patsy Cline is an example of the country’s independent industry from the American style. It is a film that is fast and loose, maybe too loose for traditional storytelling, but is meant to express youth in a rebellious mode following their dreams, far from a lonely spot.